Rite Audio Cables

FYI: RAC only supports cables purchased DIRECTLY from RAC

RAC does not believe in the 400 - 800% profit model and our website, auctions & sales demonstrate that. HOWEVER - we do believe in giving people what they want and need to achieve their goals in audio.

RACs are high quality, pure metals constructed in a design philosophy of musicality first - audio jewelery does not enter into the equation. If you like the way RACs look great! Because if it doesn't sound good, what's the point!

ALL RACs are handmade upon order. Many manufacturers and several foundry’s supply wire and raw materials that we design and construct our cables with. Diligence goes into every single crimp or solder joint. There are times when it may take several weeks to build and deliver an order. Please have patience.

All purchase information is provided through email communications.

Take a look & give RAC a try!

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